Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls # 2)

Author: C.C. Hunter 
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: October 11, 2011 
Pages: 383
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From the moment Kylie Galen arrived at Shadow Falls Camp, she's had one burning question. What am I? Surrounded by vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, fairies, and witches, Kylie longs to figure out her own supernatural identity... and what her burgeoning powers mean. And now she'll need them more than ever, because she's being haunted by a new spirit who insists that someone Kylie knows - and loves - will die before the end of the summer. If only she knew who she was supposed to save. And how...

But giving Kylie the most trouble is her aching heart. Gorgeous werewolf Lucas left camp with another girl, but he's still visiting Kylie in her dreams. And Derek, a sexy half Fae who's always been there for her when she needed him, is pushing to get more serious - and growing impatient, especially when Lucas returns. Kylie knows she needs to decide between the boys, and it's tearing her up inside.

Yet romance will have to wait, because something form the dark side of the supernatural world is hiding in Shadow Falls. It's about to threaten everything Kylie holds dear... and bring her closer to her destiny.


OME!!!! But I'm IN LOVE with this series. I just couldn't get enough of this book, yet at the same time I found myself trying to read it slower because I would have to wait a few months before I could wrap myself up in 'Taken at Dusk'.

One of the things that I love the most about this series is that it just constantly has me guessing. I never know what's going on until it's revealed to me. And that's something that quit hard to do after reading to many YA Fantasy books. That and I can honestly feel everything that Kylie is feeling. Her pain, her angst, her joy, her happiness, her fear, her doubt and her constant need to find out what kind of super natural she is so that she can finally completely fit in with all the people that she has come to love so much.

& the love triangles. Ow but how they make my toe nails curl. I so love almost everyone of these characters. I felt myself so conflicted over all of couples. I felt so bad for Miranda, because her and Perry are just PERFECT for one another. And watching them tear themselves up over one another just made me sad inside. Holiday and Burnett are just SO adorable as well. They have a love/hate relationship going on that I find just right for them. It is a slow burning romance that is figuring itself out and I hope in the end that Holiday can open up and let Burnett and the happiness they could find together in. The whole time I found myself waiting for a love interest for Della. She just seemed [sooo] left out. So I am hoping that Ms. Hunter will find a nice, honest, but STRONG guy for [my beloved] Della in 'Taken at Dusk'.

As for Kylie. Wow ow Wow! But a good kind of Wow. Well sorta. LOL. Talk about honestly loving two guy's at the same time. In 'Born at Midnight' I was completely Team Lucas. There is just something more about about him that catches at my heart then in Derek. I mean don't get me wrong, but for some weird reason, I see Derek better for Della then I do Kylie. Kylie and Derek are sweet together, but Kylie and Lucas are fire together. There is just no comparing the two. That and the fact that they knew each other as little kids and the memories that were revealed in this book about the two, just made me love Kylie and Lucas that much more.

I love this book and where Ms. Hunter is taking this series. And what I love even more is that I am completely lost as to were this series is going to go from here. While that would normally be a turn off for me, I love it about this series, because it's a complete mystery and I find myself craving to find out RIGHT NOW what's going to go on. The wait for 'Taken at Dusk' is surely going to kill me. But I just sooo honestly hope that Kylie is able to find out what kind of supernatural she is in the next coming book [besides just being a 'Protector']. But I am glad that Ms. Hunter revealed at least a little bit about what Kylie's destiny is.

Even more is that I hope that 'Taken at Dusk' is not the last book in this series. I want at least one more after the next one. PLEASE MS. HUNTER, don't end this series in the next book, at least give me one more. Just a little more Kylie and Lucas and even Holiday and Burnett. So Sexy.


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