Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 TBR PILE Reading Challenge

Ow wow! I have signed up to take place in my very first challenge as a YA Book Blogger. You don't have to necessarily be a YA book reader, but you do have to have your own Blog to take place in this challenge. It is pretty straight forward and I am very much so looking forward to it.

This challenge (2012 TBR PILE Reading Challenge) is brought to you by a few different Bloggers, which I will list below. The rules are fairly simple. It runs from January 01 - December 31 (and you can sign up until Dec. 15, 2012) so you have plenty of time to complete it, but be warned that it is a year long challenge. You have to read any books that are on your shelf from years 2011 and back (NO! books from 2012 are allowed), the goal is to help get your piling stack of TO BE READ (TBR) books down. There will be monthly wrap ups, giveaways and more. So I think this is a definite must for any Blogger out there that is looking for a fun challenge. I know I have said it before, but I am looking forward to doing this challenge and interacting with my fellow bloggers. =D

The 10 Awesome Hosts:

Evie from Bookish
Nicole from All I Ever Read
Bonnie from Hands and Home
Caitlin from WhatchYA Reading (so clever)
Christa from Hooked on Books
Jenna from Fans of Fiction
Angel from Mermaid Vision

Now I don't have a goal in mind when I go into this challenge. I am more or less charging in head first with a blind fold on. But I'm doing it to have fun. & to interact with my fellow bloggers.  =D

Wish me luck, heck, come join in. See you there.

Here are some of the books that I plan on reading:

(1) Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
(2) Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer
(3) Tiger's Curse - Colleen Houck
(4) Inheritance - Christopher Paolini
(5) Across the Universe - Beth Revis
(6) Wither - Lauren DeStefano
(7) Elemental Reality - Cesya MaRae Cuono
(8) 13 to Life - Shannon Delany
(9) Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout
(10) The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa

& so many more.....


Bonnie said...

Welcome to the challenge! I have a lot of the same books on my list as well. I am reading/listening to Catching Fire right now and highly recommend the audio book - it is fantastic. I plan to also read the entire Iron Fey series in January, and I'm super excited for that.

Happy reading! :)

Cassie S. said...

I am looking forward 'Catching Fire' I think I am just weary of reading it because I really hate it when the second book is about the two love interests finding themselves in love with each other (and having to overcome a lot of obstacles that they put in their way in the first book). I mean I know 'Catching Fire' is about a lot more then just that, but Idk, no matter how excited I get for it, I am still kind of scared for a reason.

I look forward to the Iron Fey series because I heard a lot of good things about it and I genuienly enjoyed most of the characters in that one. =D

& thanks for welcoming me to the contest. I am excited. LOL.