Monday, December 12, 2011

Author Interview: Cesya MaRae Cuono

Today is a very important day. Why yes it is, today I give you my VERY first Author Interview & I am ever so excited to post this up for all of you. =D

Today we have with us, Cesya MaRae Cuono (author of the Elemental Series).

Welcome Cesya. =D

First off, how about an introduction.

Hi all! My name is Cesya MaRae Cuono. My full name is pronounced S-eh-sha MaRae (Just like Marie but take out the "I" and add an "A") Coo-no. Crazy name, I know. But it makes me unique. So what can I tell you about myself . . . Well, I talk a lot, I have way too many books, I'm 24, my birthday is in August, I like presents *wink wink*, I find it weird that I now have fans but enjoy every moment talking to them. I currently work full time at Lowe's Home Improvement and full time for Revolution Publishing, Inc. I didn't go to college for any form of a writing or English degree but I did graduate with my Bachelor's in Business Administration. I'm also a certified Multi-Media and Production Makeup Artist. Before I started writing, I wanted to be a professional student but decided after 20 years filled with elementary, middle, high school, business school, makeup school, and college I was finally done. I have a crazy imagination and it doesn't know how to sit still, EVER. So if you ever get bored while on the computer, talk to me. I'm usually always at my computer unless I'm at work.

Q1: Where did the inspiration for 'Elemental Reality' come from?
Funny story. I was on the computer listening to music right before I went to take a shower. While I had my eyes closed to rinse the shampoo out of my hair a scene began to form in my head. That scene later became the battle scene in the last chapter. It was one of the first things I wrote to get the ball rolling for Elemental Reality.

Q2: What was your favorite part to write?
My favorite part to write would have to be Chapter 13. I don't want to tell you exactly what's in it in case some people haven't read the book yet but it's one of the chapters I wrote at work when I was bored. Back then I was only part time so my mind had time to wander a lot.

Q3: What do you think (if any) is a life lesson that readers will take with them?
I don't think there's any life lesson in my book that reader's will take with them but I can tell you about one reader telling me she now believes Faeries are real because of my novel. I may have done a little happy dance when I heard that. Ha ha!

Q4: Are the characters in 'Elemental Reality' like yourself or any one you know in your life?
Callie is a mixture between me and the person I want to be. She's not afraid to be herself and she lets that person shine through. Many of the other characters represent my friends not to a T but some aspects of them.

Q5: Did you need to do any research for 'Elemental Reality' and if so, what was that like?
I researched the elements to see what they stood for just so I could give myself an idea on how I should explain each one. I also did research on Tasmania, Australia. It was fun learning about a different part of the world. I think now I'll have to go visit Tasmania to further my research.

Something fun... & Random

What is your favorite form of a potato?
A. French Fries
B. Mashed Potato
C. Hash Browns
D. Tater Tots
E. None of the Above

Did you only want one answer? If so, I'll have to go with A as my final answer.

That was an awesome interview and I thank Cesya very much for giving us some of her time to visit and give us an interview. Below are links to Ms. Cuono if you would like to contact her yourself. =D

Twitter: @CherryBomb_xox

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