Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Happy Squeal

Eck! LOOK LOOK LOOK! Isn't it beautiful. I have wanted to get this book for sooo long. Put I must admit that I hate buying hardback books. I so much more prefer Paperback books. & when I saw it at work when I was getting off, I squealed and picked it up. It was finally all mine. & IN PAPERBACK. YAY! [Does the happy dance] =D

I have a long line of TBR's before I will be able to get to this one. But be prepared my faithful followers. For there will be an amazing review to come to accompany this amazing book. I am sure. 
[Happy Squeal]


Oh, & I must say. I rented 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' from my local RedBox yesterday [& I fell in love with it]. I watched it twice in a row, & yes, I must say, I am watching it again right now, after I got it from work. hehehe! YAY!

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