Monday, January 23, 2012

Author Interview: Bella Street

Today is an awesome day. Why you may ask? Well.... because today I bring you an interview with author Bella Street, author of 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' as well as the Apocalypse Babes series. =D

I am very excited to bring you this interview, with the Uh-maze-ing Bella Street. Who has been ever so kind as to give us an interview.

Welcome Ms. Street.

How about a little introduction first:
Since I live close to Nashville, I'm trying to learn the fiddle. But Charlie Daniels and Alison Krauss don't have anything to worry about just yet :) Writing is my therapy and escape from the craziness of life. I'm super excited about being on your blog! I had never seen the word 'anfractuous' until I found your blog. You better believe I looked it right up. What a great word! It also might describe my attempts at fiddle playing--twisted and tortuous. LOL
Q1: What was your inspiration to write 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish'?
I'm contrary by nature, so I like to twist things a little. In a lot of time-travel novels, modern ladies go back to olden times--especially guys-in-kilts olden times (not that I'm complaining!), so I thought it would be fun to take one of my favorite times (regency) and bring the girl to the modern day, then see how she reacted to a moody, struggling musician.

Q2: Which was the hardest character to write for you?
Liam. Being around the Nashville music scene is eye-opening and let's just say musicians like Liam are not unusual attitude-wise, so the challenge was to keep him redeemable despite his grumpiness and self-deprecation, especially in the difficult and often self-defeating music industry.

Q3: What (if any) was the research for like 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish'?
While I'm quite familiar with the regency period in England, I had to research Cornwall, Cornish customs, and especially their faery legends. That was so much fun, especially when comparing how the faery legends differ from Cornwall to Scotland to Ireland and England. Faeries turned about to be less sparkly and more mischievous, especially Cornish piskies.

Q4: What was your favorite part to write?
One of the reasons I write time-travel romance is because it's so fun to imagine how someone would react to a different time. How would they view the amazing and the mundane? Would they approve or be fearful? How would their perspective skew the perception of those around them? And then after the discovery process, it's fun to show that while times change, people don't.

Q5: What would you like your readers to take out of 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish'?
That love transcends time. No matter what the circumstances or culture, people will always find each other and take that risk to find true love. :)

Something fun... & Random.

I believe in Sasquatch. I mean really. I just hope in my lifetime, they capture one so all the deniers will be proven wrong. ;)

That was an awesome interview and Ms. Street is a ton of fun to talk with. She is such a nice lady. I have my review of 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' posted up. You can take a look at it, HERE~

If you would like to get a hold of Ms. Street I have provided some links below. =D

Thank you once again, Ms. Street and I look forward to reading the next book(s) in the Time for Love series. =D



Bella Street said...

Thanks so much for having me, Cassie!

Laurie-J said...

Great interview!! Thanks!!

Cassie S. said...

@Bella: Of course, sweetie. Thank you for taking the time to give me an interview. =D

@Laurie: It's what I enjoy doing. She is a great woman and so sweet to talk with. =D