Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt

Hi everyone! First off I wanted to wish you all a happy (late) Valentine's Day and secondly I wanted to say that I am really sorry that this post is SO late. As you may know I recently moved and getting back into the swing of things is a little harder then I first realized it was going to be. That is why I haven't been able to post as much lately. But I promise my blog will be back up and running (with on time posts) in the next coming days. So lets start off this fresh start with a VALENTINE'S DAY TREASURE HUNT!

Myself and three other blogs are going to be participating in a V-Day Treasure Hunt giveaway. The gist of it is really simple, each blog will post up clues to their favorite romance (from a YA book) from 2011 and you must guess (figure out) what book they are describing. The clues can be quotes from the book, character descriptions, etc. Whatever the blogger decides to give away. And then you come back here and enter your answer onto the entry form. The treasure hunt will be open until the end of the month (maybe a little longer because I got this post up so late) so you have plenty of time to try and figure the clues out. Once the treasure hunt is over the winner will be the person who got the most answers correct and if there is a tie (or more than 2) then the winner will be decided by The prizes to be given out include.

1) Books (some signed)
2) Swag

Not all books or swag are officially decided on yet, but there are a lot to be chosen from and the winner will help decide (based on what they would like)

So let's get this party started. Below are my clues and then under them I have provided you with the direct links to the other 2 bloggers posts. Good luck. =D

My Clues:

~ The best friend's brother
~ Fainting in the hall in front of her locker
~ A distant rich lawyer father
~ The tough-as-nails yet tender cowboy
~ Carrots


Now on to the other 2 blogs to get the rest of the clues.

Tater's Tall Tails 
The Autumn Reviewer