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Author Interview: Yvonne Woon

Today is an good day. Why you may ask? Well.... because today I bring you an interview with author Yvonne Woon, author of 'Dead Beautiful' and 'Life Eternal'. =D

I am very excited to bring you this interview, with the amazing Yvonne Woon. Who has been ever so kind as to give us an interview.

Welcome Ms. Woon.

How about a little introduction first:
Today, I give you all the lovely Ms. Woon.  Yvonne Woon grew up in Massachusetts. She obtained a Masters of Fine Arts degree in fiction at Columbia University. She currently lives in New York.

Q1: What was your inspiration to write 'Dead Beautiful'?
I started to think about the Undead and the philosophy underlying the book while I was in grad school. I had to read a Descartes book for class, and while I was studying it in the library, my mind wandered and I started to wonder what would happen if all of Descartes's ideas were true. So in a way, I guess the book started with me daydreaming when I should have been doing my homework.

Q2: Which was the hardest character to write for you?
The hardest character to write was the Headmistress. She's the villain of the story, but I didn't want her to be purely evil. I wanted Renee and the reader to understand why she behaved the way she did. That was the difficult part--to make her convincing and relatable. To make her human, really.

Q3: What (if any) was the research like for 'Dead Beautiful'?
I read a lot of philosophical works. Descartes, Plato, Nietzsche... I also read a lot about the Roman empire and tried to teach myself a bit of Latin, though the latter part wasn't very successful.

Q4: What was your favorite part to write?
I loved writing the séance scene. Imagining the supernatural and trying to describe things that aren't concrete in this world--that kind of writing is the most fun for me still. I also enjoyed writing the love scenes, I suppose for the same reason. It's such a challenge to describe the way someone else makes you feel. I had a lot of fun with that--especially with the chalkboard scene. I still blush when I read it, because it feels so personal.

Q5: What would you like your readers to take out of 'Dead Beautiful'?
Hmm. Good question. For me, the novel is partly about still being able to discover wonders and mystery in a world that seems so known. It was so fun to write Renee's story because the things she thinks she knows about the world are constantly being turned upside down. I hope that readers will take some of her sense of mystery and carry it through their lives. There's so much out there that's still unknown! It's exciting to think about.

Something fun.... & Random.

What are your three favorite writer's of all time?
Oh gosh. This is always the hardest question because they change! At the moment, I would say... JK Rowling. Jonathan Lethem. Junot Diaz.

That was an fun interview and Ms. Woon is a ton of fun to talk to. I have my review of 'Dead Beautiful' posted up. You can take a look at it, HERE~

If you would like to get a hold of Ms. Woon I have provided some links below. =D

Thank you once again, Ms. Woon and I look forward to reading the next book(s) in the Dead Beautiful series. =D

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