Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Divergent Chapter Follow Along


I recently started reading 'Divergent'. Since I was able to get it in paperback form. Since it won the Goodreads Best Read for 2011, I have decided to do a chapter follow along for it. Where I will post up my thoughts on each chapter as I finish them. At the end I will post up my review for it. And for one follower I may even through in a giveaway. I won't reveal what the prize is until the very end, however. Enjoy following. =D

Chapter 1: (03/06/12) Pgs. 1-7
Wow. I have like no clue what is going on. This character is rather confusing, but it does set you up for a rather different kind of life-style then we are used to. I don't even know what the main character's name is. 

Chapter 2: (03/06/12) Pgs. 8-18
Okay, this chapter confused me even more a little bit. I understand that our main character and her older brother (who is less then a year older then her) are going through their Aptitude Tests to see which of the 5 classes they will fall into. But I don't know, I guess I would just like some more explanation of what each class includes, why there's a difference and such restrictions on what each class can and cannot do. It's just throwing you in without a good explanation. 

Chapter 3: (03/06/12) Pgs. 19-26
Okay, I am starting to get the hang of this book. Beatrice is a 'divergent'. Someone that has an aptitude for more then one class. But why is that so dangerous? More mystery.... and what was with that creepy guy who was man handling her and then just left after he said 'choose wisely'. Very mysterious. What's really going on?

Chapter 4: (03/06/12) Pgs. 27-37
Okay, I only have one thing to say for this chapter. There is NO way I could live that life either, Beatrice.

Chapter 5: (03/07/12) Pgs. 38-47
That is sad. Beatrice's entire family has been torn apart because of these factions. It makes it seem like, if you choose a different faction then the one that you were born into that you will never see your parents or siblings again if they are of a different faction then you. I can't even imagine how that would be. Having to choose the values you will live your entire life as at the age of 16. I can tell you for a fact that I am a completely different person from who I was when I was 16, I live by a completely different set of values then I had then and that was only 7 or so years ago. Crazy.

Chapter 6: (03/07/12) Pgs. 48-60
Dauntless, sure knows how to act crazy. But it sounds like they try to have a lot of fun out of life. I hope Tris is able to have a lot of fun here and pass the initiation.

Chapter 7: (03/07/12) Pgs. 61-75
Guess that goes to show that not everything in life is guaranteed. She is a little selfish though, but at least she knows how she is. And I gotta say that I like Four.

Chapter 8: (03/07/12) Pgs. 76-90
Start off shooting guns, lunch then beating up punching bags. Followed by dinner, shopping and then getting a tattoo. Wish I could get a tattoo for practically free. Sounds like an interesting day to me.

Chapter 9: (03/07/12) Pgs. 91-104
Oh... This was a rough chapter. Friends and faction fighting each other. And you have to for part of the initiation. I definitely don't think this would be the faction that I would fall into. I was so worried there for a second that we were going to lose Christina.

Chapter 10: (03/07/12) Pgs. 105-117
Talk about an UNfair fight. But I have nothing but respect for Tish for never once backing down or giving in until she had no other choose. I can't believe Four just sat there and watching her get hurt like that. But, he did eventually leave, I guess it had no other choose though. It being part of the initiation. I can only imagine he wants her to pass the it with every fiber of his being. It's so obviously that he has a soft spot for her.

Chapter 11: (03/07/12) Pgs. 118-129
What a random field trip. And what exactly is the huge fence keeping them 'safe' from. Or is that really why it is there? Since it locks from outside of the city?

Chapter 12: (03/08/12) Pgs. 130-156
You go Tish. You made sure that your team won that game. I was scared there for a minute though when she was dangling so high up in the air. Way to go Four for saving the day. I definitely think Peter, Molly and Drew are going to cook up some kind of revenge though. I would definitely watch out if I were the winning team. Doesn't should like those 3 are the type that takes losing very easily. Tish and Four are so cute together though.

Chapter 13: (03/08/12) Pgs. 157-166
Oh wow! He nicked her cheek on purpose. But he is definitely trying to teach her a lesson that she is just not picking up on. Things definitely aren't as good as they would like to make them sound.

Chapter 14: (03/08/12) Pgs. 167-174
All I gotta say, is revenge is a b****!

Chapter 15: (03/08/12) Pgs. 175-188
Something strange is definitely going on here. What is it that is being hidden from most of the populace? Who is it that can be trusted and who can't be?

Chapter 16: (03/08/12) Pgs. 189-208
Wow. A lot of crazy stuff happened in this chapter. This chapter has really started to heat this book up for me. Poor Edward and way to go Tris. I can only imagine what is going to happen next.

Chapter 17: (03/08/12) Pgs. 209-226
I SOOOO love this chapter. That sounds like it would be so much fun, I would love to do that. Talk about jealousy when it comes to friends. You can't have NO friends unless it's us....

Chapter 18: (03/08/12) Pgs. 227-241
I would totally fail at this stage. I have a hard time over coming fear sometimes. But then again I guess it depends on the fear. I think I would have a hard time with the Dauntless faction.

Chapter 19: (03/08/12) Pgs. 242-250
Below the belt insults, unhelpful and fighting friends, a drunken Four and Jealousy. Interesting.

Chapter 20: (03/08/12) Pgs. 251-260
Wow, even more secrets are starting to pop up and Four is becoming even more mysterious. How does he know about being Divergent? Who is Four really? Tris must be careful.

Chapter 21: (03/08/12) Pgs. 261-281
Wow, I would have never seen that coming. How could he do that to her? Poor Tish. Got to say I love Four even more. This book is just getting crazier and crazier. 
Chapter 22: (03/08/12) Pgs. 282-287
Four is definitely a mastermind. But he definitely has good advice for Tish. They are cute together.

Chapter 23: (03/08/12) Pgs. 288-300
Oh scandalous. But sooooo cute, lol. It's good that friends are being friends again. But stage 3 is going to be really hard for all of them. And dang Tish, so violent, but well deserved.

Chapter 24: (03/09/12) Pgs. 301-315
No matter how I try, I cannot be sorry for him, he did it to himself sadly to say. But at least Four knows how to comfort Tris.

Chapter 25: (03/09/12) Pgs. 316-332
Ohhhh... That was really amazing of him to let her do that. A piece of him. But I wasn't all that surprised, I had practically guessed who he truly was from the beginning and the nickname makes sense. Getting close.

Chapter 26: (03/09/12) Pgs. 333-338
Ahhh... My favorite chapter so far. So sweet.

Chapter 27: (03/09/12) Pgs. 339-345
Silly little smiles that you cannot wipe off your face, being happy for no reason. Gracious people and you call her your friend, but you cannot see why she's happy. Hello to Captain Obvious. And then he ruins it, stupid guys.

Chapter 28: (03/10/12) Pgs. 346-377
Wow, LONG chapter. But a lot of things are finally revealed. And I am so happy for Tris, not that I didn't see this coming, but they are so cute together. My new favorite chapter. I love win mysterious things are finally coming together, even if I was already starting to understand what was going on my own.

Chapter 29: (03/10/12) Pgs. 378-383
Stage three starts... This chapter could have easily been merged into 28. Short, fast and simple.

Chapter 30: (03/10/12) Pgs. 384-396
All of her fears revealed. Oh.... & one of them is soooo embarrassing. LOL.

Chapter 31: (03/10/12) Pgs. 397-407
Another needle. Eck, I would so hate needles by the end of this initiation if it were me. And the blossoming of a sweet romance.

Chapter 32: (03/11/12) Pgs. 408-415
The rankings don't surprise me. What Tish does did. And it looks like some of the mysteries are finally going to be revealed.

Chapter 33: (03/11/12) Pgs. 416-425
Okay, wow. This chapter morphed this book into something completely different. Talk about going from one extreme to the next and having NO way out.

Chapter 34: (03/11/12) Pgs. 426-435
Ripped apart by an uncaring, cruel, power hungry wench. This is the first real sad (almost cried) chapter I have experienced in this book so far.

Chapter 35: (03/11/12) Pgs. 436-444
You have to be brave when your world starts to crumble around you.

Chapter 36: (03/11/12) Pgs. 445-454
Now that is true bravery. And I am glad that Tris if finally using her brains all on her own.

Chapter 37: (03/11/12) Pgs. 455-472
Wow, this book went from getting into a faction to mass murder in just one chapter.

Chapter 38: (03/11/12) Pgs. 473-476
Would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love?

Chapter 39: (03/11/12) Pgs. 477-487
Talk about an ending. I have no clue what 'Insurgent' is going to hold for us when it releases this year. But I can only imagine that it is going to have some crazy stuff in store for us. Because these peoples lives have been drastically altered. They are all liked the hunted now. Can't wait to see what happens next.


picyadri said...

I love how you review every chapter as you read along! I've just read this 2 weeks ago so I can remember how I felt after certain chapters and it's very similar to yours :)
I am glad you're enjoying it so far, and can't wait what you think about the rest!
If you like Four now, I am sure you will love him later :)

Cassie S. said...

@Picyadri: I don't do it for all books. I'm doing it for 'Divergent' because it won the Goodreads Best Book of 2011 Award and I have heard so many incredible things about it. That I truly hope that it lives up to all the hype as well.

So far I can definitely say that I like it and look forward to whatever else it has to bring. =D