Thursday, March 01, 2012

Follow Friday (10)

Is a blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

This is a blog hop for bloggers to get to know other bloggers, & to help some gain more of a following and support system for their blog. It looks like it should be a lot of fun. To join in, go to the host's page and follow the steps they have posted up there. =D

This week's question is...

What book would you love see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

AHHHH!!!! This is an easy one, but hard at the same time. I would UNDOUBTEDLY most DEFINITELY want to see the 'Vampire Academy' series made into a movie. I am such a vampire lover in general, but the VA series is one of my all-time FAVORITE series and to see an actor bring Dimitri to life on the big screen, oh my gosh, that is simply drool worthy. But also like Parajunkee said on her post, if actors/actresses were cast that I hate as some of my favorite characters, especially my beloved Dimitri I think I would lose it. I don't care about books becoming television series because personally I don't really watch t.v. and I find that television series ruin (don't follow) the book(s) more then movies do.

I don't really have a dream cast for any of the roles though, because regardless your going to get what the casting crew and studios give you. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that should the VA series ever become a movie series that they find an amazing cast for this spectacular series. 


Unknown said...

I really love your post, because of how open and honest it is. There's a definite sense of realness. Now, Dimitri my have stopped being my beloved right around the time that Adrian sauntered onto the pages...but, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be just as frustrated if someone I didn't particularly care for as an actor was cast as him. That's happened once before when god only knows what they were thinking when they cast these two particular women as Rosalie (my favorite character in the Twilight series) and Esme in the movies. Those poor characters. lol. But, yes...I totally love TVA and would love to see it as a kickass television show.

Suz @ A Soul Unsung
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Jamie said...

VA would be great!

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Cassie S. said...

@Soulunsung: I don't know if they would ever honestly make a VA series movies, because of the fact that it is a 6 book series and would take quite a few years to do unless they put some of the books together, but that would ruin it if they did it that way. But they would have to think about their actors getting older in the movies especially since them being vampires they age slower. But I would still REALLY LOVE to a see a movie of it. And I have to say that I never liked Adrian until 'Bloodlines' came out. But then again, I was so Team Dimitri that everything Adrian did to try and be with Rose just annoyed the hell outta me. I truly think Adrian is so much cuter with Sydney. =D

@Jamie: Yes, after the Twilight series, the VA series is my all time favorite.

Thank you both, I will definitely take a look at your FF's as well. =D

Unknown said...

I would definitely love to see a The Vampire Academy television show, it would be so good! New follower - love your blog Nicole @ The Midnight Palace.

Cassie S. said...

@Nicole: Thank You. I wouldn't much care about a television show, mainly because I just don't watch t.v. that much. I'll check your FF out now. =D