Sunday, March 04, 2012

In My Mailbox (8)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where you can post up what books you got for review, from the library, through trade, or even bought, etc. over the past week. 


I was soooo excited when I saw that 'Divergent' by Veronica Roth had FINALLY released in paperback form. I am really excited for this one for two different reasons. 1) It won the 2011 Goodreads Best Read of the Year award and 2) I absolutely love Dystopian novels. I have decided since I have heard nothing but amazing things for this book that I am going to start it right away (once I am done reading 'Mockingjay' by Suzanne Collins) and then I am going to do a Big Post on my thoughts chapter by chapter. So definitely stayed toned in for that because there will be a giveaway that goes along with it. If you follow each chapter entry, you can possibly win something. =D I am super excited. Hopefully it is as good as all the hype. 

Well. That was all I got this week. I am currently on a book buying ban, because I have like 30 books that have been waiting months for me to read, so this will probably be my last IMM for a few weeks (at least) until I can get some of my TBR pile down. But stayed tuned in because I still have a tone of awesome memes that I follow weekly. =D


Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

Great IMM Cassie! :D I got Divergent about a month ago and I'm so happy it's out in paperback!! I still need to read it though - I haven't had much time lately. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's my IMM for this week
And I also have an international giveaway going on. (:

Happy reading!
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Unknown said...

Nice one :)

Cassie S. said...

@Vicky: Yea. I just need to get through 'Mockingjay' by Suzanne Collins and then I will be starting it. But I have so much going on now that I haven't been able to read as much or as fast as I was before. But I still hope to start it soon. I am really looking forward to it. =D

@LibrarySnake: Thank you. I will check yours out back.

danicapage said...


My friend let me borrow her copy a few months ago, but now I'm actually tempted to buy it.

My B-day IMM

Happy reading!

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Cassie S. said...

@Danica: I am really excited to read it. I am going to dedicate tomorrow to finishing 'Mockingjay' that way I can start this one. =D