Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved #1)

Author: Cate Tiernan
Publisher: Little, Brown & Com.
Release Date: September 07, 2010
Page Count: 407
Chapter Count: 30
Named Chapters: No
Formate: Paperback
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Nothing ever really ends when you're immortal. Nastasya has started over too many time to count, and there's no end in sight. 

Tired of her meaningless party-girl life, Nastasya heads to River's Edge, a safe haven for wayward immortals. She trades her designer clothes for jeans and flannel, and the hardest drink available is tea. There she meets a "Viking god," the gorgeous, sexy Reyn. He's irresistible, but there's also something uncomfortably familiar about Reyn that makes Nastasya wary, cautioning her to stay away. Except she can't.

Soon Nastasya realizes that River's Edge holds the key to her salvation - and her possible destruction. Is she the only one at River's Edge with dark secrets? And can dark secrets be fatal - even for immortals? 

Opening Sentence: Last night my whole world came tumbling down.


So I must say that I devoured 'Immortal Beloved' by Cate Tiernan (a 407 page book) in like one day. Which is pretty crazy because when I first started this book, it was absolutely not catching my attention. The first few chapters were chopping at best. It was crazy to think that the incident that finally pushed Nastasya over the edge was so big after some of the things that you eventually learn she has gone through in her 400+ life span. But I guess everybody eventually has their breaking point and that is what this whole book is about.

'Immortal Beloved' more then once made me stop and really think about what it means to be mortal and how much I should actually cherish the fact that I am. Once you really get to see into Nastasya's life, it is not pretty to be immortal and to life forever. The things that she had to go through, I can guarantee you would have broken a person, but that is what happened to her as well. Nastasya was a very broken and very flawed character. But so were all the immortals had River's Edge. They were all trying to come together to truly figure out what it meant to be alive, to live, to cherish life and see the beauty in everything. Because they had long ago forgotten how to do that. How to not just be empty shells, walking around the world but never truly appreciating anything. 

I must say that all of these character's (except for Nell and even though Nastasya really annoyed me at first) touched me in one way or another. To truly see how a human struggles between what is right and wrong, what is light and dark. Made me truly appreciate what I have in life and to cherish everything and every experience that I have. It truly made me grateful that I am not immortal. I couldn't handle that kind of pain. I have gone through a lot already at just 23 and still have quite a few more years of pain to experience, I can't imagine 400+ years of it. 

I loved Reyn and Nastasya together. They have an extraordinary past together. One choked full of pain and misery and hurt that is unavoidable. And the fact that they can somehow overcome it and find a way to care for one another is truly inspiring. It will make one really appreciate what love (and hate) truly mean.

This was an enjoyable read and I really look forward to reading 'Darkness Falls' the second book in this series.

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