Saturday, June 02, 2012

Monthly Review Wrap-Up: May

Well everyone, May has come to an end. It was such a fun month. I would also like to take a little bit of time and remember everyone that had a birthday this month.

May 11: Haseo Lopez (a good friend)


that's all the birthday's for me this month. LOL. Well without further ado here are the books that I managed to read this month.

Blood Red Road - Moira Young
Torn - Amanda Hocking
Tantalize - Cynthia Leitich Smith
The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen - Andrea Cefalo
Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton
Wither - Lauren DeStefano

I got a few other's read this month as well, but I didn't get to their reviews before the month was over so they will be featured on June's Wrap-Up. What books in May were you able to get to?

And since I am participating in the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge I am going to post up May's Mini Challenge here:

What book is an absolute eye sore to me and what do I think could have been done to change it or make it better?

=/ I must admit that I ABSOLUTELY cringe everytime I look at this cover. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't get the point of this cover. The premise blows me away and makes me want to read it, but the cover begs me not to. What would I do to make this cover better....??? A complete re-haul of the entire thing. Make it into something that reminds me of a destroyed Earth where people are trying to relearn how to live, but please just anything besides this.


ChristasBooks said...

You read some great books this month!

I'm surprised you didn't like the Pure cover. I love the butterfly <3 but your rehaul also sounds like a good marketing choice!

Cassie S. said...

@Christa: Yea, I got some interesting books read and they are all different from each other.

I don't know what it is about the cover for 'Pure', it just turns me off so badly about that series. I will admit it is why I haven't picked up the book yet to read it. Cause I hate the cover for it so much. The cover for the second book in the series is slightly better but I just wish they would have put some more effort into them.