Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (10)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they will post a 'Top Ten List' for them and bloggers alike to answer and it's always a different list question to answer.

This week's Top Ten to answer is:

Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me Of Myself Or Someone I Know In Real Life

1. Rose from the VA series
She really reminds me a lof of myself. She is strong and doesn't allow anything to stop her in what she wants to do in life even though she has an underlying soft spot and a fear of a lot of things. She gets knocked down a lot and still somehow manages to pick herself back up. She is unwaveringly loyal to her friends (even though they have their ups and downs) and she fights for those she loves to the death. That is me in a nut shell. I am strong when I have to be though I have my weak moments. I try and take life by the horns and live life to the fullest I can. My friends and family come before myself. Maybe that's why I connected with her so much.

2. Charley from the Charley Davidson series
She reminds me exactly of one of my best friends (Patricia). She is sarcastically humorous with everything in life. She tries to not let things get past the barrier she has built up around herself unless you are really close to her. And if she fails at one thing (or something doesn't go exactly right) then she takes the whole wait of the world on her shoulders and tries to fix everyone's problems. One of the best females characters in a book that I know.

There are probably a ton more characters in books that I have read that remind me of myself or people I know in life. But this question is a lot harder to answer then I originally thought it would be. Trying to go back through a ton of books that I have read over the years and pick ten that remind me of people I know (or myself). It gives me a headache. So I will just stick with those two because they are the first that came right to me.

What about yourself. Are there any characters in books that you have read that remind you of yourself or people you know?


Obsession with Books said...

I struggled with this list, it was challenging..

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Have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this one was kind of hard to answer! Rose from VA is a really good choice! I like her character a lot :)

Pam (@moonlightreader) said...

Ten is a lot to come up with. I would like to be like Claire from Outlander. She's so sure of herself.

Angela said...

I'm totally like Charley! Great list. Thank you.