Friday, July 06, 2012

Follow Friday (27)

Is a blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

This is a blog hop for bloggers to get to know other bloggers, & to help some gain more of a following and support system for their blog. It looks like it should be a lot of fun. To join in, go to the host's page and follow the steps they have posted up there. =D

This week's question is...

Jumping Genres: Ever pick up a book from a genre you usually don't like and LOVE it? Tell us about it and why you picked it up in the first place.

Um, honestly I hardly EVER do this. I am pretty picky about the books that I read and I don't venture off of my genre very often. The only times that I can think that I have done it is when there have been movies coming out that I want to see and saw that they were adaptions from books. So I'll pick up the book before watching the movie so that I can compare them (which a lot of times leads to disappoint in the movies because they are never as good, lol). The 2 times that I have done this within the last few years have been to read 'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen and 'One Day' by David Nicholls. 'Water for Elephants' was actually a very engrossing read and I would recommend it to anyone, I loved it, the movie was okay for it (can stand alone if you haven't read the book first), but they changed unnecessary things. 'One Day' was a harder book for me to get into because it is so slow and detail orientated, but the last 100 pages or so are so enrapturing and heartbreaking that it makes up for the slow beginning. The movie for it did an AMAZING job of adapting it over so I can't say much negative for it.

I also picked up 'Anna and the French Kiss' by Stephanie Perkins back in December because I was hearing so many good things about it and I recently got 'Something Like Fate' by Susane Colasanti last week, because I suddenly had an urge to read a contemporary book. I haven't gotten to either of these yet, but I hope that I enjoy them.

What about you? Have you ever picked up a book outside of your comfort genre and LOVED it?


BLHmistress said...

I have been wanting to read Water for Elephants, haven't seen the movie either.


AP said...

I love books turned movies!

new follower

-Amanda P
Paranormal Romance

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...

I have seen the movie, but I haven't read the book yet.

I started following you last week:D

If you want to know my answer, please stop by my FF #2

Have a great weekend.

Alexia said...

New Networked Blogs Follwer just stopping by :)
Alexia - Here is My FF Post

Amy @ Happily Reading Ever After said...

I've picked up books several times outside of my genre, but usually only if it has dashes of other genres mixed in as well.

Old follower

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I hope you get to Anna and the French Kiss. It's an incredible book.
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Renee - Succotash Reviews and The Cookbook Papers said...

Hi Cassie - I'm like you, I typically stick to my comfort zones. :) But right now at least, the more I venture out, the more surprised I am.

New GFC follower - Happy FF!
Renee @ Succotash Reviews