Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving [Will be away from Blogging]

I am yet again moving. I leave Saturday afternoonish, and it is approximately a 20 hour drive to where I will be moving. I am doing this all by myself with just my dog as company. However, for the next week or so I regret to say that because of this move I won't be able to post up any new posts. I am off today (Wednesday) but have a ton of stuff to do, and I work full shifts Thursday and Friday and then leave early Saturday. I won't arrive until the following evening and then I work early on Monday. So I don't have a lot of free time in the next week or so. I am hoping that this move goes well, fingers crossed. I look forward to getting settled in to my new place that way I can get back to all you lovely people.

Wish me luck and I can't wait to get back to all of you. =D


Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Good luck with your move!

Lea Christine said...

Good luck with the move Cassie! I hope everything goes smoothly :)


Cassie S. said...

@Melissa: Thank you. I am just about to go to bed that way I can get up in the morning, take a shower, load all my stuff into my car and head out. I look forward to getting back to my blog and being able to post things up on a constant basis again. =D

@Lea: Thank you so much sweetie. I am looking forward to it. It is going to be exhausting, but I love road trips and sight seeing. I look forward to getting back to all of you as well though. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and coming week.

Unknown said...

Good luck with your move!!!
Congratulations! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Go to my post and find out more details!

xo Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Good luck :) I just found your blog & will definitely be following it from now on! I recently started a new book blog if you want to take a look:
Thanks again!

Cassie S. said...

@Little Red Reads: Thank you so much.

@Heart Is In The Write Place: Thank you for following me and the well wishes on my move.

I am slowly getting settled into my life here and hope to be back to blogging soon.

I miss all my lovely followers so much.

Anonymous said...

I wish you come back soon.
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