Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 - Seeing it Tonight

I can't believe the last movie in the saga is upon us all. I know Twilight has it's followers as well as it's haters. The good and the bad. I'm not blind to it's imperfections and yet that still has not dimmed my love for this franchise in the slightest. And I am writing this post in haste (should have done it last night and prepared it) because I need to get ready to head out to see the movie... What?? Already? Why its only 12 pm. Yes... this is all true, but my friends and I are getting to the theatre hours ahead of time, to get in line (for what I know will be crazy long) so that we can insure we have good seats. I am also bringing the tissue... because I know we are all going to be balling.

Breaking Dawn while I know was a lot of people least liked book of the series, for me... it was my FAVORITE! & I am truly hoping that this last movie, in an epic series that truly changed my life in so many different ways, will be the best yet. My theatre will be showing the movie at 10pm tonight, so you all know that I won't be home or online. I will be there, experiencing the craziness that is Twilight, in my last (almost) Midnight Premiere for this franchise. & I hope a lot of you out there will be doing the same if you can or even want to.

& for those of you who dislike this whole "Twilight Craze". I guess you can all be thankful that it is almost to an end. But for me (and some others I know), Twilight will still always live on in our hearts... In the books and the movies we have in our collection as well as a ton of other things.

I will leave you all with the Trailer for 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2'. & of course you can all expect to see my movie review for it tomorrow. <3 you all & I hope you all have a great night... Take care.

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