Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (4)

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 This is where you can showcase all the book(s) you got over the week.

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Welcome back to my Stacking the Shelves. I haven't gotten that many books because I have been trying to work on the 20 books or so I still have from the Library that way I can have them finished before I have to return them. So this Stacking the Shelves is for the past 2 weeks. =D

I also celebrate my one year anniversary blogging on the 11th and I have a whole week of giveaways coming your way. I have already posted up 3 of them and you still have plenty of time to enter. You can find the giveaways HERE!

1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway (Day 1)
1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway (Day 2)
1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway (Day 3)

Make sure you keep checking back to see what I will have to giveaway next.

 Click on the picture to be taken to it's Goodreads Synopsis Page =D

Reviews for the past 2 Weeks:

Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan [10/26/12]
Die for Me - Amy Plum [10/29/12]
Deity (& Author Interview) - Jennifer L. Armentrout [10/31/12]
Possession - Elana Johnson - [10/31/12]
Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry [11/03/12]
Wondrous Strange - Lesley Livingston [11/07/12]
Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols [11/08/12]
Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer [11/08/12]

Well that's all for this week. Thank you for being the amazing followers you are. And in honor of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 that comes out this Friday I will leave you with one of the songs from it's soundtrack. I know Twilight is a controversial book and topic for a lot of readers, but for me Twilight changed my life in SOOOOO many different ways that I will always be an open and proud fan and supporter of it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for those of you going to the Midnight Premiere (my movie theatre is showing it at 10pm on Thursday) I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I'm going to. I can't believe we're already on the last movie, I can still remember exactly what I did the night the first movie came out, back when I lived in New York. So many good memories... I'm excited for this movie but sad at the same time. =/ Take care everyone. 

All I've Ever Needed - Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
This song is sung by the girl that plays Rosalie in the movie (with her husband)
Domo Arigato for visiting my blog <3.


Unknown said...

Hi Cassie!
First, I would like to say 'Happy First Anniversary' Well done!!
Secondly - great collection of books!!
And thirdly - I am also a fan of Twilight. Can't wait to see the last movie. Thanks so much for sharing the song!!

Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

Ashley said...

Happy blogoversary!! That's so awesome. :)

Your new books are awesome! I haven't read Anna yet but everyone seems to adore it! And I have read False Memory and it's amazing! It was so much better than I thought it would be, actually. Enjoy! :)

My Stacking the Shelves

Paige said...

I can't wait to check out False Memory! I've heard so many good things about it :)