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Top Ten Tuesday (18)

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So I decided to go with... The Top Ten Books that I thought I would like MORE! Every book on this list is one that I thought I would absolutely love but for some reason just didn't enjoy it like I thought I would.

In no particular order:

1. The House of Night Series by P.C. & Kristin Cast
Okay. So I enjoyed the first book well enough, but every book after that has just been torturous to read. I thought I would love this series after seeing it, like EVERYWHERE. Everybody was reading it and talking about how much they loved it. I saw people taking it onto the plane trips (that one time long ago that I actually took a vacation). And yet... It just wasn't meant to be for me. Plus this series is WAY to long. It's like on it's what... 11th book. There is a time a place for every series to end. And this series should have ended LONG ago.

2. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
I know I am probably making the hit list of a lot of people by putting this book here, but at least let me explain. I absolutely LOVED the first 3 books in this series. But I think I am one of those very few out there that was happy with how this series ended. I would have been perfectly fine with going on my merry way and letting City of Glass being the last book in the series for me. I mean yea I was excited at first to see that there were 3 more books coming out, but after reading this one... I just couldn't get back into the world of the Shadow Hunters. This book made that world WAY to dark and deadly for my takes and by the end of this book I was left with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. So much so that I have become so weary of reading any more of Cassandra Clares books, even her Infernal Devices series.

3. Hourglass by Claudia Gray
I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, but this book killed it for me. I can't even muster up the will to pick up the last book so I can finish the series. I can't see where there will be any kind of happy ending for this series. And maybe it's just me but I don't enjoy it when an author can't (or won't) end their series in a happy way.

4. Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr
The reason I didn't like this book is simple. To many different POV's. It doesn't bother me when an author writes a book in different character's POV's. But this series took it to a whole different degree. Each book in the series was from a completely different heroines perspective. And I can't do that. If it is going to be a series, it needs to be taken from the same characters POV's. Not each book having a different main character. That just doesn't work for me. 

5. Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith 
This is a series that has a different perspective on vampires & werewolves. And those are two of the paranormal creatures I love the most. So when I first started this book I thought I was going to love it. Unfortunately, there really wasn't anything one particular thing about it that I enjoyed. The heroine was a complete airhead and couldn't see what was going on right in front of her very eyes. I saw everything coming from a mile away, so much so that it became an an extremely uninteresting read.

6. Hereafter by Tara Hudson
Granted I enjoyed this book more then I have the others on this list, but still not nearly as much as I thought I was going to. I really just don't think Ghost stories are for me. Because how can there be a happy ending if either the hero or heroine is already dead??? How can that romance work? 

7. Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan
I had read nothing but good reviews for this book, so I really thought I was going to enjoy it. It was getting good ratings on Goodreads. But for me it feel way short. I know it was showing us the good and bad in human nature, but for a YA book I think it really took it way to far sometimes. Especially with what happened to the heroine in this story. 

8. Elemental Reality by Cesya MaRae Cuono
It's a book about powerful faeries. What was there not to like about it? For the most part, I enjoyed the first half of this book. But then I had to move while I was in the middle of reading it and wasn't able to come back to reading it for a few weeks. When I got back to it it just didn't hold the same appeal for me. So to be completely fair it's not entirely the books fault that I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think it was just the ending. I didn't like how it ended at all.

9. The Hollow by Jessica Verday
Another ghost story. Need I really say more?

10. Wither by Lauren DeStefano
This is another book that a lot of reader's love. I thought I was going to gobble this book up and love every little piece of it. However, I ended up being annoyed by most of the book. What happened in it, just wasn't practical to me. It wasn't even the whole girls die at 20, boys at 25. I could deal with that and see how that could happen (really unlikely but who knows). It was the whole thing between husband and wife that wasn't practical to me. Your going to tell me the heroine in this story is going to spend practically a year in this guys harem and not once is the husband going to take her to bed even though she is his favorite.... [insert major eye roll here]. And the heroine is going to get away with loving 1 of the servant boys for most of the book. PLEASE people... Stop pulling my leg. 

YAY! This is the first list I have managed to get a complete 10 in a while. But also sad at the same time that I have been let down by so many books. What about all of you... Are there any books out there that you thought you were going to enjoy more then you did?? Leave a link to your Top Ten's and I will be sure to check them out... =D

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pagesunbound said...

I thought there was a lot that was impractical about Wither, too. For one, there are clearly people WILLING to be wives/mothers, so the kidnapping is completely unnecessary in the first place. Also, Rhine sometimes isn't that smart. Colored contacts are a disguise?

I have a copy of Glow, and I read the first few pages and put it down. I have only heard wonderful things about it, too.

InkkReviews said...

I read glow and love it. but i think i love it for the same reasons you might not. it def went deeper in some issues that most YA books dont go in, but i liked the change in plot. i thought i was original... great post thought. love it Check out our Top Ten Fictional Crushes Katie @ Inkk

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

I liked Wither, even when most of the things didn't make any sense :p Some of the books are still on my reading list, so yeah.. I will keep in mind that they might not be as good as I expected them to be :)

Great list!

Unknown said...

I only read the first book in the mortal instruments series and to be honest I wish I would have liked that more. It had lots of wasted potential.

I completely agree with you about Wither. There were a couple of things that I had a hard time believing, but for some reason I was okay with just throwing that all out the window.

Somewhere Only We Know said...

I completely agree! House of Night, City of Fallen Angels, and Wicked Lovely. Good points.

Check out my TTT.

Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

Cassie S. said...

@Pagesunbound: LOL... To be honest I never really thought of that, but now that you point it out it's just another impractical thing about that book (another plot hole).

@InkkReviews: I think I just have a tendency to like books a lot of people dislike and dislike a lot of books people like. LOL

@Mel: I go into every book thinking I am going to love it. I try to give them all a fair shot. Sometimes it just doesn't, but a lot of times it does. =D

@Emma: It has been almost 4 years since I first read the first Immortal Instruments books. So I don't remember everything but I do know I enjoyed the series up until the 4th book. I am still going to read the other books in The Chemical Gardens series, I'm just not expecting to love them like I thought I would.

@Sandy: Yea... Just wish I could have liked them more.

Unknown said...

I hear about glow all the time! So I guess I'm glad I haven't wasted my time on it then? :)