Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (19)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they will post a 'Top Ten List' for them and bloggers alike to answer and it's always a different list question to answer.

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This week's Top Ten to answer is:

 Top Ten Books and Authors we are thankful for:

Hmmm... I think I'm going to do this week's question in a kinda bigger perspective. Because I am thankful for more then just books and authors.

1. I am thankful for: Books in general.
What the heck would I do if I didn't have books. I think I would be lost in so many different ways. Books are my stress relievers. They help transport me away from my own problems and issues... and just let me forget for a while that there is anything difficult going on for me. They help me see the world in a different light, in different ways. They help me be more considerate and understanding. Books balance me out as a person. & in a lot of different ways... books make me a better individual.

2. I am thankful for: authors, of course!
There would be no books, if there weren't any authors out there. Whether we love or dislike the author, we should still always be thankful for them. For it is because of them that we have books (and the publishers, etc. of course), but it is from their imaginations that some of my favorite worlds and characters have come to life. Their passion and patience and overall brilliance have inspired me to some day be a writer as well... and to know that if I can dream about it, I can achieve it.

3. I am thankful for: Libraries.... The free realm of books (well mostly). 
While Libraries and I have had our issues... mainly because I have forgotten a time or two to return books I had checked out and got charged tons of money... Libraries are still amazing assets to any bibliophile. Being a self-proclaimed bookaholic myself, I have just recently come back into being a Library lover (mainly cause I can't afford to just buy my books any more). And I am absolutely grateful to my public Library, because it has allowed me to read so many good books lately that I would otherwise, had to wait forever to be able to read.

4. I am thankful for: My 5th Grade Teacher... For she started the spark!
While there are a few different authors I can credit for being the ones that turned me into a reader, none of them would have been given the chance if it hadn't been for My 5th Grade Teacher. While I can no longer remember her name (=[) I remember her as a great lady that pushed me into reading books and discovering a whole new world. She kept on me even when I was a stubborn little bratty kid about not wanting to read... and oh how I wish now a days that I could thank her for it all. Without her I wouldn't be the reader I am now and I will make her this promise now for all that she did for me: I will read until I am old and grey and will let it be known in my will that I want to be buried with me books. =D

5. I am thankful for: My Dad... His generosity and love, bought me my 1st book.
While my dad isn't much of a reader himself he still supports me 100%. He's genuinely surprised when I don't go through a book every other day. & while he knows he won't understand a thing I am talking about, he still asks me about the books I'm reader and how my blog is going and what I am doing on it. While I don't have any inspiring stories of my parents reading books to me during bed time, I still have the knowledge that my parents are proud that I am the reader that I am. & that is all I need.  

What are you thankful for? What books or authors? Or anything else for that matter. Leave your link below along with a comment & I will be sure to comment back and see what you are thankful for. <3 XoXoXo

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I love your take on this post. I'm not just thankful for authors either. I'm grateful for my sister Katie whom shared her love of Anne of Green Gables with me when I was 12 yrs old. I've never been the same since!

West Virginia Red said...

Your take is what I was whining about in the intro to mine. How could they want us to narrow down our passion for words and books and authors into just 10. So hurrah to you for not caving and doing it right. And yes, libraries!

Laura said...

Can I just say how amazing this list is? That's exactly how I feel about books and everything bookish that I feel thankful for! I myself only featured authors and books, but I can't imagine where I would be today if my mom hadn't spend her evenings by my bed, reading The Little Princess out to me again and again :D

Cassie S. said...

@Mary De Bastos: It would have been WAY to hard for me to narrow it down to 10 books or authors. So being thankful for everything was the only way I could do this list.

@West Virginia Red: LOL. I didn't even hesitate for a second to try and narrow my list down. I read the topic and instantly knew that this was the way I needed to do my list.

@BookSmartie: Thank you. I wish I could say that my parents read to me when I was little, but even though they didn't I am still thankful for my 5th grade teacher (like I mentioned) who gave me my first wonderful taste of what it meant to be a reader. =D